Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State to President Truman

Subject: Plans for Recognition of the Yemen

On May 1, 1945 the President, in reply to a memorandum from the Department of State of that date, informed Acting Secretary of [Page 1317]State Grew that he approved of the Department’s suggestion that the US recognize the Yemen.

In accordance with this decision the attached telegram13 to His Majesty Zaidi Imam Yehya of the Yemen has been drafted. It states that the Government of the United States would be pleased to discuss the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations with the Yemen, and suggests the sending of a mission to Sana’a for that purpose. Being addressed to a Chief of State, it is contemplated that the message will bear the President’s name.

The British Government and the Government of Saudi Arabia have been informed of the proposed action of the United States towards the Yemen and have interposed no objection.14 Selection of personnel and equipment and other preparations for the mission of recognition are progressing and can be completed soon after a favorable reply to this cable has been received from the Imam.

Dean Acheson
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  2. For exchange with the Saudi Arabian Government, see p. 1032.