The Acting Secretary of State to the Syrian Chargé (Zurayk)

Sir: I have received the note of the Minister of Syria dated April 16, 1945 in which it is stated that it has come to the attention of your Government that the French Foreign Office has commenced negotiations with the British Government with a view to the separation of the military forces under French command in Syria from the Allied Middle East Command and the withdrawal of the British forces from Syrian territory.

The views of your Government on this problem have been carefully noted. As you are aware, the American Government has urged the [Page 1063] French Government to take steps to meet the reasonable desire of your Government as regards the transfer of the Troupes Spéciales, subject only to such overall supervision by the French and British military authorities in the Theater as may be considered necessary by these authorities for the duration of the war in Europe and accepted by your Government.

The attitude of this Government in the matter has also been made known to the British Government.

Accept [etc.]

For the Acting Secretary of State:
William Phillips