890D.01/4–2845: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

4334. We have discussed the subject of the Department’s 3277, April 26, 7 p.m. with Campbell, Assistant Under Secretary of State, who exercises superintending jurisdiction in Near Eastern matters and with Hankey, Acting Head of the Eastern Department. They said that the Foreign Office had been seriously concerned by the reported French intention to transfer troops to the Levant States and that a telegram had been despatched last night to the British Ambassador, Paris, covering the following points:

[Here follow a summary of the telegram and British Foreign Office comment on that message.]

Regarding the views expressed by the Department and the suggestion that we might approach the French in Paris on the subject, the Foreign Office officials noted with satisfaction the striking similarity of the conclusions which we and they had reached although approaching the matter independently and they said that they had in fact had in mind seeking our cooperation and with that in view had reported to British Embassy in Washington all telegrams on this subject in order to have them available in case of need. As a consequence, the suggestion of our also approaching the French in Paris came at a most opportune time and was highly welcome. The only suggestion which the Foreign Office would have to make was that the Department might wish to suggest to our Ambassador in Paris that he consult with his British colleague before approaching the French in order to check upon latest developments and to determine whether there might be certain phases of the question requiring particular emphases or special treatment.

Repeated to Paris, Beirut and Caserta.