890E.01/2–2445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister to Syria and Lebanon ( Wadsworth )

42. You are authorized to give Syrian and Lebanese authorities memoranda incorporating substance of Department’s 36 and 37, February 16.56 In using term “arbitration” Department had in mind simply procedure commonly adopted by contending parties in agreeing to seek outside impartial assistance if and when direct negotiations fail to produce a solution of issues between them. Separate telegram follows on reply to be made to Syrian President’s query regarding United Nations’ pact.57

Sent to Beirut. Repeated to Paris.

  1. Telegram 37 same as No. 633, p. 1044.
  2. In telegram 48, March 2, 1945, 7 p.m., the Department stated: “As it is necessary for us to consult our associates, no reply can be made now on question of adherence of Syria and Lebanon to United Nations Declaration and attendance at San Francisco Conference.” (500.CC/3–245) For documentation on invitations to Syria and Lebanon to participate in the San Francisco Conference, see vol. i, pp. 154 ff., passim.