890D.01/2–245: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Saudi Arabia ( Eddy )

40. Reurtel 48, February 2, 1 p.m. You may assure the Saudi authorities that the influence of this Government will in all circumstances be exercised in favor of the completion and maintenance of the full independence of Syria and Lebanon. This Government would support the Syrian and Lebanese Governments in resisting pressure for the conclusion of treaties which would in effect deny them the independence which we have recognized or which would give discriminatory privileges to France or any other power. However, we have ourselves concluded executive agreements with the local Governments providing for the recognition and protection of the rights [Page 1044] and interests of the United States and its nationals and are consequently unable to support them in ref using to enter into negotiations of any kind with the French.

You may also inform the Saudi Government that we are taking steps to urge both sides to show moderation and to undertake friendly negotiations for the settlement of outstanding issues.

Sent to Jidda. Repeated to Beirut and Paris.