890D.01/2–245: Telegram

The Minister in Saudi Arabia ( Eddy ) to the Secretary of State

48. ReLegs 45, February 1, 11 a.m.22 In interview today Deputy Foreign Minister23 inquired officially on behalf of Saudi Government whether Syria and Lebanon can count on support of the US in the event that France continues to insist upon political and military concessions which they cannot and do not accept.

Comment: Saudi Government states Syria has rejected French demands definitely, but is being pressed by British to yield. They inquire, not about attitude of US toward agreements or treaties into which Syria might enter with French, but only for US attitude if negotiations break down completely.

Repeated to Beirut.

  1. Ante, p. 1037. In telegram 36, January 24, 1945, 11 p.m., the Minister in Iraq (Henderson) reported a request by the Iraqi Minister for Foreign Affairs that the United States Government be informed of the dangerous situation in Syria and of the hope of the Iraqi Government that the United States would endeavor to exert a restraining influence on France (890D.01/1–2445).
  2. Yusuf Yassin.