840.4016/11–3045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Czechoslovakia (Steinhardt)

433. If appropriate occasion arises in connection with forthcoming Hungarian-Czechoslovak conversations in Prague on subject of Hungarian minority in Zecho (Budapest’s 979 Nov 27 and 993 Nov 3049 to Dept rptd to Praha as 26 and 28), please impress on Czech Govt earnest hope of US Govt that mutually satisfactory agreement may be reached which will contribute to development of stable and friendly relations between Zecho and Hungary and will not involve inhumane treatment or unnecessary hardships for the individuals involved (reDeptel 316 Oct 19). On latter point you may mention reports which Dept has received of mistreatment of Hungarians in Slovakia, as well as info to the effect that Hungarian-speaking residents of Zecho are not regarded as eligible to receive TJNKKA50 supplies [Page 943] (Budapest’s despatch 194 Aug 17 to Dept51), and express our hope that this info may be incorrect. Discrimination against minority groups, on grounds of language or nationality, in distribution of relief or in other ways would certainly make unfortunate impression on American public opinion, which has consistently regarded Czechoslovak Govt and people as devoted to democratic principles, and would inevitably make more difficult attainment of satisfactory solution of Czech-Hungarian differences.

If you have occasion to talk to Gyöngyösi, you should impress on him also our hope that direct Czecho-Hungarian agreement will be reached and that he will not, by reason of unjustified expectation of outside support of Hungarian position, neglect opportunity to make realistic settlement with Czechs.

Sent Praha rptd Budapest.52

  1. Latter not printed; it reported that the Hungarian Foreign Minister was leaving for Praha on December 2 to discuss the minority question, but that he was by no means optimistic as to the outcome of the conversations (840.4016/11–3045).
  2. United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. For documentation regarding the participation by the United States in the work of this agency in the year 1945, see vol. ii, pp. 958 ff.
  3. Not printed.
  4. As telegram 769.