1. For an account of the entry of United States and Soviet troops into Czechoslovakia and the beginning of their withdrawal, see Forrest C. Pogue, The Supreme Command, in the official Army history, United States Army in World War II: The European Theater of Operations (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1954), pp. 503–508.
  2. As incorporated in the Czechoslovak Republic after World War I, this territory was called Sub-Carpathian Rus. As annexed by Hungary in 1939, it was called Ruthenia. After being ceded to the Soviet Union in 1945, it was called Transcarpathian Ukraine. It is also sometimes referred to as Carpatho-Ukraine.
  3. The United States never recognized the existence of the Government of Slovakia. For statement of United States policy regarding the nonrecognition of Slovakia, see instruction 372, August 28, 1939, Foreign Relations, 1939, vol. i, p. 70.