840.4016/12–745: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

10634. The Govt feels it particularly desirable, in view of present visit of Hungarian FonMin to Prague, that Zecho and Hungary reach agreement on realistic solution of problem raised by Czechoslovak measures against Hungarian minority and by desire of Czech Govt to bring about exchange of minority populations between those two countries. Dept has accordingly instructed Embassy Prague to impress upon the Czech and Hungarian FonMins, if a suitable occasion arises,, the importance of their making every possible effort to reach a satisfactory solution of the problem by direct bilateral negotiations.

Hungarian Govt requested in note to USRep in Budapest that international commission be formed to investigate present Hungarian-Czech controversy over Hungarian minority in Slovakia, and that meanwhile the part of Slovakia inhabited by Hungarians be placed under international control. Similar requests may have been made to Brit and Soviet Govts. In US Govt’s view preferable method of seeking settlement of problem is through direct Czech-Hungarian conversations.

Please bring foregoing to attention of FonOff stating US Govt hopes Brit and Soviet Govts agree with US views set forth above and if so will [Page 944] send instructions their Reps in Prague similar to those sent our Embassy. Dept would welcome suggestions of Brit and Soviet Govts regarding any other action which Allied Govts might appropriately take with view to bringing about early equitable settlement of problem.

Sent London and Moscow repeated Budapest and Praha.53

  1. Sent to Moscow as telegram 2471, repeated to Praha as telegram 452, and to Budapest as telegram 797.