1. For previous documentation regarding the preparations for the reestablishment of an American Mission in Finland, see Foreign Relations, 1944, vol. iii, pp. 624 ff.
  2. The United States Treasury announced on February 16, 1945, that Finland was removed from the category of enemy occupied or controlled countries (10 Federal Register, 1956). This action reactivated for Finland the Proclaimed List of firms and individuals with whom business transactions were prohibited except under license. The British did not extend their corresponding Statutory List to Finland, and on August 2 a British-Finnish financial agreement permitted financial dealings with all persons in Finland. The Proclaimed List for Finland was abolished as of November 5, 1945, following acceptance by Finland of the Proclaimed List as far as other than Finnish nationals were concerned (740.60D112A/10–2545). For documentation on Anglo-American cooperation on policies and problems concerning the Proclaimed and Statutory Lists in the Eastern Hemisphere, see vol. ii, pp. 827 ff.