875.01/5–1645: Telegram

The Representative in Albania (Jacobs) to the Secretary of State

14. Brigadier Hodgson scheduled arrive Caserta today to discuss his report on FNC. I have not been here long enough to say whether I agree or disagree with his findings (see his report April 30, 101/185) but assuming I decide that present regime should not be recognized as Hodgson apparently has, I shall certainly not subscribe to any suggestion that coercive measures be employed to overthrow present regime. If I should concur in Hodgson’s idea that recognition might be accorded conditionally, I am of opinion conditions such as he envisages should not be presented except as a joint proposition of the United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union.

Finally I feel that unless present regime falls before my report is submitted which seems highly unlikely continued failure of the United States and Great Britain to recognize will drive it completely into Yugo-Slavia-Soviet fold.

Sent Caserta as No. 9, repeated Department as No. 14.

  1. Transmitted to the Department in despatch 13, May 23, from Tirana, not printed. For a summary of points made in Brigadier Hodgson’s report, see aide-mémoire from the British Embassy dated June 21, p. 36.