875.01/5–1045: Telegram

The United States Representative in Albania ( Jacobs )83 to the Secretary of State

[7.] I called on General Hoxha morning May 9 and made brief statement of object of my mission along lines indicated in paragraph 13, Department’s 308, April 7 to Caserta, stressing interest of American people and government in Albania and its people. Hoxha replied that he understood purpose of my mission and that I and my group are free to carry out our studies but he made it clear that he hoped the United States would soon recognize his regime. He stressed regret and chagrin of Albanian people that they of all the peoples who have resisted Italian and German aggression had not yet been recognized by the Allied powers and had not been invited to the San Francisco Conference.

Hoxha strikes me as a forceful character with ambitions but suffering from effects of an inferiority complex because of his failure to win recognition.

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I took occasion during the interview to raise question of permission for an ATC84 plane to enter and depart from Tirana airport once a week to handle mails official passengers and supplies. He readily gave his permission provided each week my office notifies the Chief of Staff of expected time of arrival.

Since my arrival I have been called upon by representatives of Tirana Bektashi; Moslem group who expressed their support of present regime.

Bashkimi has carried news items concerning my arrival but no editorial comment.

Sent Department, repeated Caserta as 3.

  1. Mr. Jacobs arrived in Tirana on May 8, 1945.
  2. Air Transport Command.