J. C. S. Files

No. 479
Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff
top secret
C. C. S. 866/1

Future of Allied Force Headquarters, Mediterranean

The United States Chiefs of Staff are in general agreement with views set forth in C. C. S. 866,1 but note that since C. C. S. 866 was written, the question of combined command in Austria has been discussed in the C. C. S. 481 series.2
With termination of operations and redeployment of United States and British forces from the Mediterranean Theater, it should be possible to reduce progressively the size of Allied Force Headquarters (AFHQ). In this regard the United States Chiefs of Staff believe that Field Marshal Alexander should be directed to restrict AFHQ activities to essentially Allied matters and to reduce his headquarters as the number of troops in the theater and commitments diminish. It does not appear possible at this time, in view of commitments mentioned in paragraphs 2 a. and 2 b. of C. C. S. 866, to determine the future of AFHQ, but it is suggested that the situation might be reviewed about 1 September 1945.
In light of the foregoing it is recommended that the attached message (Enclosure) be dispatched to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean (SACMed).3
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Message to Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean

It is not possible now, in view of Allied commitments in the Mediterranean area, to determine when Allied Force Headquarters might be dissolved as a combined command. The Combined Chiefs of Staff wish, however, (a) to reduce progressively the size of the Headquarters as troops are redeployed and as other commitments decrease and (6) to restrict the activities of the Headquarters to matters which are essentially Allied in nature.
Recommendations as to the future of Allied Force Headquarters are requested on September 1.
  1. The views referred to were presented in a memorandum by the Representatives of the British Chiefs of Staff, dated May 25, as follows (J. C. S. Files):

    “2. The British Chiefs of Staff consider that the appointment of the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean, should not be terminated until the Quadripartite Commission in Vienna has taken over control of Austria and the situation in each zone and on the lines of communication is firmly in hand. When this condition is fulfilled they believe that a small combined United States-British headquarters will be required to replace Allied Force Headquarters in Italy until:—

    The Allied Commission in Italy has been dissolved, and,
    Allied Military Government in Bolzano and the Allied commitment in Venezia Giulia have ceased.”

  2. Not printed.
  3. A note by the Secretaries of the Combined Chiefs of Staff dated August 1 (C. C. S. 866/3) recorded that the Combined Chiefs of Staff had approved the recommendation in C. C. S. 866/1 as amended by C. C. S., 866/2 (see document No. 480) and that the message to Alexander had been dispatched on July 20.