J. C. S. Files

No. 480
Memorandum by the Representatives oj the British Chiefs of Staff
top secret
C. C. S. 866/2

Future of Allied Force Headquarters, Mediterranean

1. The British Chiefs of Staff have informed us that they have given further consideration to the question of the dissolution of Allied Force Headquarters (AFHQ) and subsequent organization. The Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean, and the Commandersin-Chief Middle East have sent the British Chiefs of Staff their comments on the original proposals, and when these have been considered the British Chiefs of Staff will put forward further draft proposals for the consideration of the United States Chiefs of Staff.

2. In the meanwhile, they agree to the dispatch of the message in the Enclosure to C. C. S. 866/1,1 amended as follows:—

Delete paragraph 2 and substitute:2

“The Combined Chiefs of Staff will send you direction for the future of Allied Force Headquarters following the Terminal Conference.”3

  1. Document No. 479.
  2. The proposed substitution which follows is in paraphrase.
  3. Concerning action taken by the Combined Chiefs of Staff, see document No. 479, footnote 3.