740.00119 Control (Italy)/7–745: Telegram

No. 478
The Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk ) to the Acting Secretary of State
top secret

2890. We have made it so clear how essential to the preservation of (re our 2828, July 11) order in Europe we consider the retention in Europe of Allied troops in general and American troops in particular that we need not emphasize our concurrence in views of SACMed along the lines of paragraph 1 of tel 2828.

It would seem that as long as there is an Allied military commitment in this area, AFHQ should preserve an Allied character.

AFHQ should be reduced in size and moved to Trieste as the vital strategic point in southeastern Europe.

It is our opinion that the office of AmPolAd should be abolished and such information activities of that office as are considered continuously useful should be carried on by a liaison officer from offices of military and/or Naval Attache to Rome Embassy established at AFHQ who would report to War and/or Navy Depts for information of State Dept.