No. 166
The Department of State to the British Embassy

top secret


. . . . . . .

In accordance with the understanding reached at Yalta,2 this Government stands ready to discuss the question of the [Turkish] Straits at the forthcoming meeting of the Heads of Government when, presumably, the Soviet Government will present its desiderata in this connection. So far as the Department can ascertain, the conversation between Mr. Molotov and the Turkish Ambassador3 took place in a friendly atmosphere and was of an exploratory character. If this is the case, the Department considers it premature to protest what amounts to a preliminary exchange of views. …

… In any case, this Government would not wish to appear as having reached any decision on this question prior to the Heads of Government meeting.

J[oseph] C G[rew]
  1. For the full text of this memorandum, see document No. 688.
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  3. Selim Sarper. For an account of the conversation referred to, see document No. 684.