740.00119 Control (Italy)/6–2345: Telegram

No. 167
The Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk ) to the Acting Secretary of State

top secret

2734. Our 2725, June 22.1

Gen Morgan has addressed us a memo2 setting forth that since mil agreement has been reached re occupation of VG 3 it would be most advantageous to try to arrange a final settlement of this question soon as possible. His memo added that if VG continues to be regarded as “reserved” subject for late settlement we shall be exposed to a long period of Yugo penetration and intense propaganda with increasing incidents. Yugos will clearly bend every effort to consolidate and develop their post occupational organization on Allied side of [Page 193] Morgan Line4 and will hope for lag in Allied interest and determination and Anglo Amer opposition to Yugo power politics. Morgan feels that prompt settlement of this problem by concerted Allied action will have favorable effect on European opinion and may well facilitate solution of similar problems in future.

Morgan’s memo then recommended that final settlement in VG be taken up at forthcoming Big Three meeting.

  1. Document No. 566.
  2. Not printed.
  3. See document No. 560.
  4. The Morgan Line is shown on the map attached to the Belgrade agreement of June 9, 1945 (Executive Agreement Series No. 501). This map is also reproduced in United States Statutes at Large, vol. 59, pt. 2 (inside back cover). A map showing the Morgan Line in less detail is printed in Department of State Bulletin, vol. xvi, p. 1264.