833.7962/8–844: Telegram

The Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

760. 1. Naval Attaché informs me that north south runway of Carrasco Airport will be completed shortly and that Admiral Ingram has expected to withdraw assistance and equipment at that time since this runway affords necessary facilities for emergency operations.

2. Naval Attaché has received a formal note in which General Campos, as president of airport commission, requests that present equipment, together with necessary spare parts, continue to be made available for completion of first phase of construction program which Campos considers minimum required for adequate operation of airport and to satisfy public opinion. This first phase would include additional east west runway with approach zones, aprons and connecting taxi-ways.

3. Withdrawal of equipment would undoubtedly interfere very seriously with progress of work and Naval Attaché and Foreign Office believe it would cause keen disappointment and create an unfortunate impression generally. It would no doubt be played up by Herreristas as a victory for their recent anti-airbase campaign.

4. I consider it very desirable that Campos’ request receive every consideration practicable. Naval Attaché is cabling Navy and Admiral Ingram.