The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Uruguay (Dawson)

No. 2125

The Secretary of State refers to the Embassy’s despatch no. 1387 of August 7, 194238 and transmits for the confidential information and files of the Embassy a copy of the Department’s Note of today’s date to the Uruguayan Embassy in Washington38 concerning the schedules and accounts covering material and equipment which has been made available up to April 30, 1944, inclusive, to the Government of Uruguay under the Lend-Lease Agreement of January 13, 1942.

In this connection there is also enclosed a copy of the statement of June 21, 194438 received from the Foreign Economic Administration.

For the Embassy’s confidential information only it has been learned informally that the Government of Uruguay has made three payments of $1,300,000 each to the Treasury Department in 1942, 1943 and 1944 as reimbursement for lend-lease material transferred to Uruguay by this Government. The Department in its Note to the Uruguayan Embassy in Washington specifically has omitted reference to these payments pending receipt from the Foreign Economic Administration of formal information respecting the status of such payments. It appears that the total sum of $3,900,000 already paid by the Uruguayans is in excess of the volume of the material already transferred to them. However it is probable that the volume of material transferred subsequent to April 30, 1944, and to be transferred, will be substantially increased.

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