The Director of the Office of Defense Transportation (Johnson) to the General Manager of the Mexican National Railway Lines (Ortiz)

Dear Mr. Ortiz: Mr. Stevens is in my office now. He has persuaded me, in spite of my repeated positive statements, to postpone action, in view of the contemplated rearrangements in Mexico looking forward to fixed improvements. I will take no steps now until the first of June. On the first of June, if material improvement has not occurred, cars to Mexico will be on permit only.

In the meantime, I am anxious that, because of a military situation that may develop any day, the number of American cars in Mexico be decreased or, at least, that the present number be not increased. Of course, it will still be pleasing to us, if it becomes necessary to establish a permit system, that a request to that effect come from Mexico.

Mr. Stevens has explained to us the delicate situation there. I am deferring to that condition with great reluctance. Of course, it is understood that, if the military situation demands a change, it will necessarily be made suddenly.

I hope that you will be able to arrange the Mexican situation to your satisfaction. You have my best wishes.

Very cordially,

J. M. Johnson