Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs (Carrigan)

Homer King of the Office of Defense Transportation telephoned me the morning of May 27 to say that the freight car situation in Mexico had reached a point that it would be necessary for some control to be put into effect. He said that a telegram had been drafted, addressed to the National Railways, pointing this out. I said that I had two primary comments, one, that the word embargo should in no way be used, and, two, that I felt we should put this up to Mr. Messersmith before it were sent out, as he might have some comments to offer or might desire some changes. Mr. King agreed and gave us the text of the telegram over the telephone.

Mr. McGurk talked with Ambassador Messersmith at 1 o’clock, Saturday,9 and read to him the text of the telegram. Mr. Messersmith said that, while he was not in favor of this action, he had but one principal request, and that was that the proposed date for the establishment of such control, June 1, be changed to June 5 or 6.

Immediately thereafter, I called Mr. King, and told him of the Ambassador’s request and of the reasons therefor, and Mr. King said that of course June 5 would be the date used.10

I was talking to Mr. Bursley at 1:15 and I passed this date along to him.

John W. Carrigan
  1. May 27.
  2. The June 5 date was substituted for June 1 in the altered telegram which was sent on May 27 to Antonio Vera, Sub General, National Railways of Mexico; not printed.