The Secretary of State to the Commissioner of the Interstate Commerce Commission (Johnson)

My Dear Commissioner Johnson: Thank you very much for your letter under date of March 21, 1944, further adverting to the Mexican railroad car situation, and assuring the Department of your continued cooperation in this matter.

The recent Decree of March 9, 1944, reorganizing certain features of the Mexican railway system, has, as you know, far-reaching possibilities. It embodies a basis for the implementation of the recommendations made by the United States Railway Mission to Mexico, and for certain other reorganization from which a marked improvement is firmly expected. Your cooperation and understanding have been deeply appreciated by the Mexican Government since the action [Page 1245] taken by the Interstate Commerce Commission with respect to the embargo was of a very real value indeed in obtaining public approval for the measures to be taken under the Decree of March 9, 1944. The opinion has been expressed that any precipitate reversal on our part of the present situation might go far to upsetting those wise bases upon which the Mexican Government looks for improvement in its railway system, and it is for this reason that Ambassador Messersmith is so desirous of our exercising the utmost patience as regards the present situation.

The Department realizes that this matter is indeed a difficult one for you, but it sincerely believes that from the standpoint of our over-all relations with Mexico, as well as from the point of view that we need all possible improvement in the Mexican railway situation, every possible support should be given the Mexican Government in its efforts to reorganize its railways.

Sincerely yours,

Cordell Hull