702.6281/102: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier (Childs) to the Secretary of State

135. Our 129, May 20.75 In interview with Orgaz yesterday Gascoigne was told German Consulate General would be finally closed and sealed and placed in charge of Tangier administration this evening, after which Germans would no longer have access to it. Repatriation of Consulate personnel is to begin immediately, he said, and majority of higher officers should have left before May 28. Entire staff, according to Orgaz, should be on its way by May 30, but in any case all of them will have left by June 5. He added that no members of Tangier staff would be permitted to remain at Tetuan or elsewhere in Spanish Morocco. Our 124, May 18.76

Orgaz said he would lend his personal plane to help in transporting personnel as far as Seville, but that all personnel travelling in this way would, of course, surrender their passports to us for examination in order to obtain aircerts in exactly same way as those proceeding by Iberia.

In this interview Orgaz appeared to be in friendly and helpful mood and it may be expected expulsions will be carried out as he has indicated. Timetable was that proposed by Castillo as reported our 129.

As for espionage and sabotage agents, he said, Bureau of Native Affairs had been instructed to inquire into each case immediately. He indicated majority of agents should have left by June 5 with exception of few cases which he may wish further to discuss. He said question of expulsion of all Germans entering International Zone since 1940 would have to be discussed between Government and Allied Embassies since this point did not figure in text of agreement.

Yesterday nine German passports were presented to us through Spanish Consulate for aircerts for travel to Spain. These include press and Commercial Attachés, two other Attachés and lesser functionaries. [Page 549] Jap Military Attaché also applied for aircert. It is understood all the above will leave this week.

Algiers for Murphy as our 40; repeated to Madrid as our 64.

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