800.20281/52: Telegram

The Chargé at Tangier (Childs) to the Secretary of State

155. My 154.77 In agreement with British colleague I presented Orgaz today with list of Axis agents of Italian nationality for expulsion. List included prominent Republican Fascists in German service or known for pro-Axis activities compiled by Italian Consul General and carefully reviewed by all Allied services. In receiving list, Orgaz remarked that British had presented German list, and now the Italian, and asked if I would concern myself with Vichy French and others. I explained American and British accords differed in that British referred to German agents while ours stipulated Axis sabotage and espionage agents of any nationality. He promised to take appropriate action at once and said all German consular staff in Tangier including military police officials who had sought refuge in Tetuán would be expelled. I said I had informed my Government I was impressed by loyalty with which he was executing the accord. Orgaz was deeply moved and remarked with great feeling [“]these are the only comforting words I have received in the execution of this most difficult task which I have tried to fulfill with the high sense of duty and honor of a soldier[”]. He said it was most difficult to determine the status of German agents some of whom had lived in Morocco since birth or for many years. In a sense every German citizen is a German agent. He had to refer some doubtful cases to Madrid but wishes earnestly to discharge his task with scrupulous adherence to the accord.

I said I did not intend to take up particular German cases as Gascoigne was occupying himself with these but I did wish to emphasize the nefariousness of Kraemer78 at Melilla with whom certain Spaniards had actively cooperated and I feel this expulsion desirable for all concerned. Orgaz said as Melilla is part of metropolitan Spain Kraemer’s decision would have to come from Madrid where he had already referred it.

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Repeated to Algiers for Murphy as our 53, Madrid as our 75. Sent to the Department.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Walter E. Kraemer, honorary German Vice Consul at Melilla, and reputedly the head of German espionage activities in that city.