891.51A/1141: Telegram

The Chargé in Iran (Ford) to the Secretary of State

351. Today I brought to Millspaugh’s attention substance of Department’s 302, May 17, and read to him suggested note transmitted by Department’s 303, May 17. He expressed appreciation of note and said only change he would like would be addition of statement that American Government has confidence in his (Millspaugh’s) ability to make a success of mission.

He agreed to consult closely with Legation on all matters.

[Here follows statement of personal views about a certain staff matter.]

Millspaugh says he understands 30 Deputies have signed petition calling for repeal of his plenary powers. He does not know whether majority of Deputies will support such a move. If powers are revoked, he feels he must resign, and thinks it probable a number of his assistants will follow suit, although he would not try to force their resignation.

I recommend that Department authorize me to deliver note contained in its 303, May 17, whenever it appears to Legation, in consultation with Millspaugh, that critical moment has come.

Next following message1 contains paraphrase of draft message Millspaugh prepared which he would like sent by President to Shah. I feel I can make no recommendation and must leave it for Department to decide whether it wishes to carry matter to so high a level or to use phraseology of type suggested by Millspaugh.

  1. Telegram 352, infra.