811.24591/11–1544: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Iran (Morris)

686. Dept has transmitted to War a paraphrase of urtel 845, November 15, noon, with a statement that Dept concurs in your view that title to fixed American installations in Iran should not be passed to a foreign power other than Iran. War is being informed the Dept is inclined to favor the suggestion that the United States Army retain title to the camps at Kazvin and Hamadan until we make a final settlement with Iran. If the Russian and British military authorities can show a clear military need for these camps, they might be permitted to use them temporarily. Care should be taken to determine clearly that the need is military, for the prosecution of the war against the Axis and not for other reasons. If no such need can be demonstrated, Dept is suggesting that plans be made for sale of the camps to the Iranian Government.

The foregoing is also pertinent in part as regards trucks, cranes, road machinery, et cetera. Dept considers that such supplies as the American Army wishes to leave in Iran should be offered for sale there unless the Russians and British authorities can show a clear military need for them. This need should be judged in the light of the remoteness of Iran from military operations and any plans for reducing the use of Iran for a corridor for transit of war supplies.