711.93114A/68: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

2270. (1) Please disregard numbers interned and non-interned contained my 2055, April 3.37 Figures as to categories correctly reported in my 1934, March 30, but monthly rates of relief should have been stated in last reference as 22,500 CRB dollars for non-internees and 7,500 CRB dollars for interned with total annual cost at official rate of exchange that basis United States $11,290,119 or $940,843 monthly.

(2) Division of Foreign Interests38 has today informally confirmed last available total figures 760 internees and 726 non-internees with minimum monthly requirements as indicated above.

(3) As Department’s 1134 in effect authorizes payment of equivalent of not to exceed $110 per month to internees and to non-internees or to 1486 persons, the payment of equivalent of United States $110 at official rate of exchange will equal 2,576 CRB dollars monthly or approximately one-third of suggested minimum monthly requirements for internees and one-ninth suggested minimum monthly requirements for internees. It is expected that Fontanel will pay monthly maximum to all concerned at a cost of United States $163,460 per month or a total of United States $490,380 for the months of February, March and April 1944.

(4) Since Division reports that Fontanel is at present unable to use any part of the 60,000,000 CRB dollars he now has on hand for relief or any other purpose whatsoever, Legation has today requested Division to cause an urgent transfer of 2,150,000 Swiss francs equivalent of United States $500,000 to be made through Yokohama [Page 1029] Specie Bank in Tokyo and Shanghai for Fontanel39 in accordance with exchange conditions reported my 822, February 10. This should produce 11,710,000 CEB dollars which figure is not for comparison with requirements as reported my 822, which because of further devaluation must be multiplied by four while requirements as reported my 1386, March 8, for same reason should be multiplied by three.

(5) Please see my 2247, April 11,40 reporting advance to DIV of additional million francs to facilitate so far as possible above transfer. (Your 1134,41 1230, April 1142). DIV has reported today that because offers to other points made yesterday this transaction will leave us with a debit balance of 400,000 francs and that the estimated additional requirements of 3,000,000 francs through June 30 did not include funds for May and June Shanghai relief payments which on present basis will require additional 1,500,000 francs.

(6) Concerning Legation’s reference in section 2 of 1934,43 to restrictions and limitations previously imposed and Department’s request for amplification of advantages that might be expected to accrue from their removal, it is felt Fontanel might well be advised that under existing circumstances strict compliance with Department’s 1202, February 14, 1942, as amended will not be required, that receipts for relief payments when and if available need as to amounts only show a dollar value whether covering payments in cash or kind, that matter of handling relief is left wholly in his hands at his discretion provided total expenditures for that purpose remain within monthly amount of total in United States dollars obtained by multiplying number of relief payments (persons paid relief in or for a given month) [by] United States $110.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Of the Swiss Foreign Office.
  3. Telegram 2534, April 20, midnight, from Bern, reported receipt of a note from the Swiss Foreign Office stating that necessary steps had been taken to transfer 2,150,000 Swiss francs to the Shanghai branch of the Yokohama Specie Bank for the account of the Swiss Consulate at Shanghai (711.93114A/70).
  4. Not printed.
  5. Dated April 4, p. 1027.
  6. Telegram 1230 read as follows: “Telegraph immediately the information requested in last paragraph of Department’s no. 1134 of April 4 and total monthly amount needed for financial assistance in occupied China.”(711.93114A/63)
  7. Section 2 begins with the words “Foreign Office now estimates”, p. 1026.