740.00115A Pacific War/1144: Airgram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

A–209. American Interests—Japan. Legation’s airmail 7110, January 21.40 Foreign Office note April 12 states Swiss Legation, Tokyo, [Page 1030] decided increase effective April 1 from 50 to 75 yen monthly relief accorded internees from Guam.44 Swiss Consul, Kobe,45 ascertained during last visit that food less plentiful and quality worse than before. Internees therefore purchase supplements at increasing cost.

Swiss Legation adds that food served camps 3 and 4 prepared Japanese restaurant generally served cold.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Telegram 2921, May 9, from Bern, advised of a report by the Red Cross representative in Japan that a monthly relief expenditure of 75 yen was still inadequate to permit internees to make purchases indispensable to the maintenance of health and that a further increase of 50 yen monthly should be granted or alternative methods be used to increase available funds. In telegram 1762, May 20, to Bern, the Department authorized the Swiss Minister in Japan to make the increase of 50 yen monthly if he considered such action justifiable. (740.00115A PW/1161) In telegram 2222, June 30, the Department instructed the Minister in Switzerland to increase the amount, if necessary, to the equivalent of $70, the maximum for relief in Japan (740.00115A PW/1227).
  3. Maurice Champoud.