711.93114A/42: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland ( Harrison )

1214. American Interests—China. You are authorized to pay to the International Red Cross, Geneva, each month beginning April 1, 1944, not to exceed $18,000 to be expended by its representative at Shanghai for financial assistance to persons, including civilians, detained as American prisoners of war in occupied China,35 in such amounts as are reasonably necessary for their health and comfort. The American Red Cross wishes to discontinue the supply of its funds for this purpose.

Separate accounts should be rendered by the Legation under this instruction charging authorization no. 12, 1943–1944 until the end of the present fiscal year.

The Department approves any practicable procedure by the representative of the International Red Cross at Shanghai for providing foodstuffs, medicines, clothing, toilet and comfort articles or other assistance in kind and pocket money to those persons detained as American prisoners of war. The expenditure of funds under this [Page 1028] authorization should be governed so far as practicable by the provisions of the Department’s amended 1202,36 but exceptions may be made to the extent that such procedure is inapplicable. If necessary, the expenditure of more than 10 percent of the maximum for occupied China is authorized (Department’s 538 of February 17).

The Department desires to be furnished as soon as possible the names and service branch of the members of the armed forces and the names of the civilians receiving financial assistance at the prisoner of war camps under this instruction and to receive a quarterly report showing the amounts expended by the Red Cross representative and the number of recipients.

  1. In telegram 3693, October 28, midnight, to Bern, the Department increased to $36,000 the monthly sum authorized for such expenditures (711.93114A/10–2844).
  2. Amended version not printed.