711.93114A/63: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland (Harrison)

1134. American Interests—China. With reference to your no. 1934 of March 30, Department, in view of exceptional circumstances and as an emergency measure, authorizes the expenditure for months of February, March, and April of equivalent of not to exceed $110 monthly each to qualified internees and non-internees as provided in Department’s 1011 of March 25. Please request Swiss Government to make necessary financial arrangements on an urgent basis and to ask Fontanel to begin payments immediately pending further consideration of matter by the Department.

Department urgently desires information as to “the restrictions or limitations previously imposed” referred to in Section 2 of no. 1934 and advantages that might be expected to accrue from their removal.

Also please refer to your 1386, March 8, in connection with your 1934 and verify number of interned and non-interned nationals and minimum monthly amount necessary for financial assistance to each.