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Communiqué to the Press

The President and the Prime Minister, and the Combined Chiefs of Staff held a series of meetings during which they discussed all aspects of the war against Germany and Japan. In a very short space of time they reached decisions on all points both with regard to the completion of the war in Europe, now approaching its final stages, and the destruction of the barbarians of the Pacific.

The most serious difficulty with which the Quebec Conference has been confronted has been to find room and opportunity for marshalling against Japan the massive forces which each and all of the nations concerned are ardent to engage against the enemy.

  1. Annex ii to the minutes of the meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff with Roosevelt and Churchill, September 16, 1944. With reference to the origin of the text of the Communiqué see Marshall’s remarks to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on September 15, ante, p. 358, and Ismay’s memorandum to Leahy of the same date, ante, p. 456.