Roosevelt Papers

Memorandum Initialed by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill1

1. We have discussed the question of the scope and scale of mutual Lend/Lease aid between the United States and the British Empire after the defeat of Germany and during the war with Japan. We have agreed that a Joint Committee shall be set up to consider this question with the following membership:—

Chairman: [blank]

American Members: British Members:
Secretary Morgenthau [blank]
Under-Secretary Stettinius
Mr. Leo Crowley

2. The Committee will agree and recommend to the Heads of their respective Governments the amount of Mutual Aid in munitions, non-munitions and services which is to be provided for the most effective prosecution of the war. The Committee is instructed to obtain from the various branches of the Governments whatever pertinent information is necessary for the preparation of their recommendations.

3. Pending the recommendations of the Committee to the Heads of the respective Governments, the appropriate departments of each Government shall be instructed not to make any major decision with respect to the programmes of Lend/Lease Aid for the period referred to above without the approval of the Committee.

4. In reaching its conclusions the Committee will be guided by the conversation between the President and Prime Minister on September 14th, 1944.2

OK   F[ranklin] D R[oosevelt]
W[inston] S C[hurchill]

  1. See ante, p. 363. Roosevelt telegraphed the text of this memorandum to Hull on September 15, 1944, with the request that Hull inform Stimson and Winant concerning it.
  2. See ante, p. 344.
  3. The “OK” on the source text and Roosevelt’s initials are in the President’s handwriting. Churchill’s initials and the date “15.9” are in the Prime Minister’s handwriting.
  4. This typed date appears on the source text, but the memorandum was not actually initialed until the following day, as indicated by the handwritten date “15.9” added by Churchill.