Roosevelt Papers

Minute by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill1

The President and Prime Minister have agreed to put to Marshal Stalin Lord Simon’s proposals for dealing with the major war criminals,2 and to concert with him a list of names.

OK   F[ranklin] D R[oosevelt]
  1. In the Roosevelt Papers this document and the minute relating to the French Committee of National Liberation (post, p. 469) are attached to the following memorandum of September 16, 1944, from Churchill’s Assistant Private Secretary to the President’s Naval Aide: “Admiral Wilson Brown: I am sending for your records copies of minutes about the Agreement reached by the President and the Prime Minister yesterday on two points, namely, Treatment of War Criminals and the status of the French Committee of National Liberation. J. R. Colville.” Roosevelt forwarded copies of the two minutes to Hull for his information on September 21, 1944.
  2. For the Simon proposals referred to, see ante, p. 91. Cf. a draft of a telegram to Stalin dated September 17, 1944, post, p. 489.
  3. On the source text “OK FDR” appears in Roosevelt’s handwriting. No indication is given that the minute was initialed by Churchill.