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Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff

top secret
C.C.S. 687

Release of Amphibious Craft From “Overlord” to Other Theaters

The United States Chiefs of Staff propose the dispatch of the following message to the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force:1

Accelerated operations in the Pacific and prospective plans for SEAC require earliest practicable withdrawal of amphibious craft especially LST’s from European Theater. Having due regard for your requirements for build-up until adequate port facilities become available and considering limitation on the use of these craft in the near future due to weather, Combined Chiefs of Staff desire you review the situation carefully with the object of early release of amphibious craft from Overlord . Early report in this matter is desired.

  1. The dispatch to Eisenhower of the message which follows was approved by the Combined Chiefs of Staff at their 176th Meeting, September 16, 1944. See ante, p. 375. The message was sent as telegram No. Facs 81.