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Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff 1

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C.C.S. 679

Redeployment of Forces After the End of the War in Europe

Reference: CCS 675 Series2

We consider that the whole redeployment problem, including repatriation, after the end of the war in Europe needs combined study which cannot be completed at this conference. This study appears to be required in order to assure the optimum use of the resources involved including personnel and cargo shipping and to make certain that forces required for operations against Japan will reach the theater of war at the earliest date.
The United States Chiefs of Staff have prepared tentative plans for redeployment which are available to the United States members of the combined agencies concerned. Presumably the British members of these agencies have similar information available.
The United States Chiefs of Staff recommend that the Combined Administrative Committee in collaboration with the Combined Military Transportation Committee, Combined Shipping Authorities and Combined Staff Planners study and report on the problem. Questions requiring decision before completion of the study will be submitted to the Combined Chiefs of Staff.
  1. As amended and approved by the Combined Chiefs of Staff at their 175th Meeting, September 15, 1944. See ante, p. 356. The amendment, made at Brooke’s suggestion, consisted of the addition of the words “Combined Shipping Authorities” in paragraph 3.
  2. For C.C.S. 675 and 675/1, see ante, pp. 442 and 448, respectively.