J.C.S. Files: Telegram

The Combined Chiefs of Staff to the Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force ( Eisenhower )1

top secret

Octagon 16. TopSec to SHAEF France for Eisenhower, Facs 78 from the Combined Chiefs of Staff.

The Combined Chiefs of Staff approve the proposals set out in Scaf 78.2
In transmitting this approval, the Combined Chiefs of Staff draw your attention:—
To the advantages of the northern line of approach into Germany, as opposed to the southern. They note with satisfaction that you appear to be of the same mind.
To the necessity for opening up the northwest ports, and particularly Antwerp and Rotterdam, before the bad weather sets in.
  1. This message was approved by the Combined Chiefs of Staff at their 172d Meeting, September 12, 1944. See ante, p. 302.
  2. Ante, p. 234.