Roosevelt Papers

Prime Minister Churchill to President Roosevelt

top secret

Mr. President. I return the Memorandum you gave me about Italian Colonies.1

The Foreign Office would like to treat this as an official communication if you would allow us to keep a copy of it.2

It seems that the usual broad and substantial measure of agreement exists between us, but we should like to look into the details more closely.

W[inston] S C[hurchill]

  1. The paper attached to this communication is the ribbon copy of Hull’s memorandum to Roosevelt of September 11, 1944, ante, p. 408.
  2. Attnched to this memorandum in the Roosevelt Papers is the following handwritten note: “The President told the P. M. OK to keep copies of attached & he also said he wanted an answer from the British on it. D[orothy] J B[rady].”