865.48/9-1144: Telegram

The President’s Personal Representative at Vatican City ( Taylor ) to the President and the Secretary of State


313. For the President and the Secretary.

My greatest present concern is that with the completion of Italian National Committee for the Distribution of Italian Relief the material ‘accumulated in America will not be available in Italy through failure to ship according to schedule. First shipment should now have arrived. If not delivered reaction damaging to prestige we have built up will be very unfortunate. Reported statements from America indicate intention of substantial and adequate relief for Italy is the policy of our government. While we in America understand the shipping difficulties, the people in distress do not. Would it be possible to allocate one or two ships for strictly relief voyages with standard cargoes of staples and essentials and keep them constantly en route bringing relief to stricken populations? It seems to me with such vessels loaded at a given port in America and destined for convenient ports in Italy, a minimum of time would be lost in loading and unloading and the delays and complications resulting from mixed cargoes, munitions and other vital products would be avoided. A simple plan of this character would seem deserving of careful study.