Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

The President to the Secretary of State 1

top secret

Memorandum from the President for the Secretary of State.

After many long conversations with the Prime Minister and Lord Cherwell, the general matter of post-war plans regarding industries [Page 391] lias been worked out as per the following memoranda. This seems eminently satisfactory and I think you will approve the general idea of not rehabilitating the Ruhr, Saar, etc.

[Here follows the text of the memorandum on the treatment of Germany which Roosevelt and Churchill had initialed at Quebec on September 15, 1944, post, p. 466.]

I think that I have also worked out the locations of the occupying forces.2

I am going to leave here Saturday evening3 and go to Hyde Park where I will be joined Monday morning by the Prime Minister and his wife for a couple of days.

  1. Sent to the White House Map Room, where the message was designated MR–in –157.
  2. See ante, p. 365.
  3. September 16.