Editorial Note

No official memorandum has been found relating to the discussion during this luncheon meeting. Mackenzie King’s notes indicate that he had a conversation at lunch with Roosevelt, Churchill, and Eden, concerning the advisability of convening the proposed international conference on world organization on October 30, just a week before the presidential elections in the United States. Mackenzie King spoke of the opposition there would be from small countries, including Canada, to any appearance that the great powers were “seeking to control the world in the organization of its affairs”. Churchill referred to the disagreement with Stalin on the duties and powers of the Council of the proposed organization in settling disputes, especially with regard to a Soviet right to a veto even in disputes to which the Soviet Union was a party. For the text of Mackenzie King’s notes on this discussion, see Pickersgill and Forster, pp. 86–87., Eden, p. 554, records that Churchill explained to Roosevelt at this meeting why Eden could not accept the President’s invitation to visit Hyde Park.