Editorial Note

The document referred to as the President’s Log is a booklet entitled “The President’s Log for the 1944 Quebec Conference (Octagon), September 9–21, 1944” (14 regularly numbered pages of text, seven pages at the front bearing roman numerals, an unnumbered page designated Appendix A containing the text of the Communiqué, and 20 unnumbered pages of illustrations). This booklet, which was prepared by Lieutenant (jg) William M. Rigdon and approved by Rear Admiral Wilson Brown, contains a table of contents (not printed), a list of the President’s party,1 the President’s itinerary (not printed), a foreword by Lieutenant George M. Elsey, the main body of the Log, and the text of the Conference Communiqué.2

  1. Not printed. A substantially similar list of the party is given (although not in the same order) in William M. Rigdon, with James Derieux, White House Sailor (Garden City: Doubleday and Company, 1962), pp. 280–281. That source includes three names which do not appear in the list of the President’s party in the Log: Colonel Richard Park, Jr., Captain Boyce Price, and Lieutenant Ogden S. Collins, Jr. The Log list, on the other hand, includes seven names not mentioned on the pages cited in White House Sailor: Henry Morgenthau, Jr., D. L. Moorman, Herbert Harwood, Leo DeWaard, Merriman Smith, Douglas Cornell, and Robert G. Nixon. Morgenthau was included in the Log list of the President’s party because he accompanied Roosevelt from Washington to Hyde Park; for the message in which Roosevelt later asked Morgenthau to come to Quebec, see ante, p. 43.
  2. See post, p. 477.