Hopkins Papers

The British Ambassador (Halifax) to the President’s Special Assistant (Hopkins)

most secret and personal

My Dear Harry: Anthony has asked me to give you the following message from him:—

“Have you any news for me about very secret matter we discussed?1 You will realize we have various decisions to take if there has to be separate development.2

Kindest regards.”

I was proposing to write him a secret word about the larger issues we raised together last night,3 so that nobody but he would see it, and explain why for that reason you had nothing to say at the present moment. But you may like to send some message of your own in reply to this.

Yours very sincerely,

  1. In his account of his visit to Washington in March 1943, Eden, p. 440, mentions that he had some discussions, principally with Hopkins, about the atomic bomb project. There is no mention of these discussions in the American records of the Eden visit.
  2. The message quoted here is dated April 13, 1943, in Eden, p. 657.
  3. Hopkins’ conversation with Halifax on the evening of April 13, 1943, is described in Eden, p. 657.