Editorial Note

Churchill left Washington late in the evening of September 11, 1943, and stopped at Hyde Park the following day1 to see Roosevelt before proceeding later on September 12 to Canada en route to London. No minutes of the Hyde Park conversations have been found, but Churchill sent to Roosevelt from Canada on September 13 a sheaf of papers, printed in this section, which reflect at least some of the subjects discussed and some of the conclusions reached. The following subjects were probably also discussed:

Meeting of the International Labor Organization. See Roosevelt’s memorandum to the Secretary of Labor, post, p. 1340, sent shortly after the President’s return from Hyde Park to Washington.
The recommendation from the Combined Chiefs of Staff (ante, p. 1256) that Roosevelt and Churchill send a message to Stalin suggesting a Soviet air attack against the Rumanian oil refineries at Ploeşti. This recommendation was disapproved (see ante, p. 1256, fn. 1).

  1. Churchill was accompanied by his wife, his daughter Mary, Lord Moran, John Miller Martin, Commander Thompson, and Captain Horton. Ismay came to Hyde Park from New York during the day. See William D. Hassett, Off the Record With F.D.R., 1942–1945 (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1958), p. 201.