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Memorandum by the United States Chiefs of Staff1

C.C.S. 332

Propaganda Plans

Lack of clear understanding between theater commanders and the Combined Chiefs of Staff concerning the propaganda to be used in furtherance of agreed operations has led to discrepancies which have had embarrassing implications.
Effective coordination between the theaters and all propaganda agencies of the United Nations can be assured if propaganda plans are prepared and approved in advance of operations. It is therefore recommended that the attached directive to all theater commanders be approved by the Combined Chiefs of Staff.
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Draft Directive on Propaganda Plans

Directive: Propaganda Plans

Whenever a plan for an operation is approved by the Combined Chiefs of Staff, the commander concerned will without delay submit a propaganda plan pertaining thereto. This plan will become effective upon approval by the Combined Chiefs of Staff.
Such plans will be in consonance with basic propaganda plans in effect in the areas involved or will indicate any changes desired therein.
The plans will indicate:
The propaganda aims and themes to be effective before and during the operation.
The plan for effecting changes in approved themes to meet changes in the situation.
The assistance desired from agencies under the control of, or cooperating with, the Combined Chiefs of Staff.
The system for releasing information of the initiation of major phases of the operation.
Such other features as the commander may desire to include.
  1. For the action taken on this paper at the 117th Meeting of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, September 3, 1943, see ante, p. 1202.