Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

Marshal Stalin to President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill 1


Personal and secret message from Premier I. V. Stalin to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and to Premier Minister Churchill.

I have received your message of September 10.2 I congratulate you with new successes and especially with landing at Naples. There is no doubt that the successful landing at Naples and break between Italy and Germany will deal one more blow upon Hitlerite Germany and will considerably facilitate the actions of the Soviet armies at the Soviet-German front.

For the time being the offensive of the Soviet troops is successfully developing. I think that we shall be in a position to achieve more successes within the next two-three weeks. It is possible that we shall have recaptured Novorossisk within the next few days.

  1. Sent to the Soviet Embassy, Washington, which forwarded the Russian original, together with this translation, to the White House. The White House Map Room forwarded the translation to Roosevelt, who was then at Hyde Park, as telegram No. White 18.
  2. i.e., the message dispatched from Washington on September 9, 1943, supra.