Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

Marshal Stalin to President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill 1


Personal and secret message from Premier J. V. Stalin to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

I have received your message of September 4th.2 The question raised in your message as to whether the Soviet Government agrees to authorize General Eisenhower to sign the brief terms of the armistice with Italy in its behalf is answered by the letter of September 2nd3 of the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs Mr. V. M. Molotov addressed to Mr. Kerr, British Ambassador.

This letter said that the authority given by the Soviet Government to General Eisenhower covers also the signing of the brief terms of the Armistice.

  1. Sent to the Soviet Embassy, Washington, which forwarded the Russian original, together with this translation, to the White House.
  2. i.e., the message dispatched from Washington on September 2, 1943, ante, p. 1262.
  3. Not printed.