Editorial Note

The only record of this meeting which has been found is the following passage in Stimson’s Diary:

“Just before I started to come over to the White House, we had received from the President the S–1 agreement signed by him and Churchill[mite, page 1117]. It was in the form in which we had drafted it in company with Sir John Anderson some time ago. But it inserted me as chairman of the Policy Committee. As worded, that would have imposed upon ma a great deal of routine work which I could not possibly do in addition to my present labors. So immediately after luncheon I got the President and Churchill aside and talked it over with them. [Page 1211] Both of them wanted me to remain as chairman but consented that I should have General Styer, who is now doing all the routine work, as my deputy to take care of the routine work.” (Stimson Papers)