J. C. S. Files

Combined Chiefs of Staff Minutes

The Combined Chiefs of Staff met in closed session and resolved on:2

The concentration of available resources as first priority within the Assam–Burma Theater on the building up and increasing of the air route to China to a capacity of 10,000 tons a month by early fall, and the development of air facilities in Assam with a view to—
Intensifying air operations against the Japanese in Burma;
Maintaining increased American Air Forces in China;
Maintaining the flow of air-borne supplies to China.
Vigorous and aggressive land and air operations from Assam into Burma via Ledo and Imphal, in step with an advance by Chinese forces from Yunnan, with the object of containing as many Japanese forces as possible, covering the air route to China, and as an essential step towards the opening of the Burma Road.
The capture of Akyab and of Ramree Island by amphibious operations.
The interruption of Japanese sea communications into Burma.

The Combined Chiefs of Staff also directed that C.C.S. 229, C.C.S. 231, and C.C.S. 238 be withdrawn from the agenda.3

  1. For Stimson’s impressions of these resolutions, see ante, p. 124, footnote 1.
  2. None printed; these papers were entitled as follows: C.C.S. 229, “Potentialities of Air Route from Assam to China,” C.C.S. 231, “Operations in Burma To Open and Secure an Overland Route to China,” and C.C.S. 238, “Operations in Burma 1943–44.”