740.0011 European War 1939/31665

The Apostolic Delegation to the Department of State

No 492/42


The Apostolic Delegate1 has been informed by the Cardinal Secretary of State2 that the Italian government has taken the following steps to make effective its declaration of August 14, 1943, on the status of Rome as an open city:3

The defense installations of the city of Rome have been dismantled.
Orders have been issued that anti-aircraft batteries are not to operate, nor are fighter planes to go into action over the city of Rome.
The Italian and German High Commands are leaving the city, and their complete removal will be effected within a short time.
Active troops are being withdrawn and there will remain in the city only a garrison of Italian troops charged with the maintenance of public order. This garrison of troops will be equipped with arms adequate for the purpose of their presence.
The railway system of Rome will in the future not be used for purposes of military transportation, for the marshaling of trains, or for loading or unloading troops etc. The railway system of Rome will be reduced to a mere transit line, and its facilities will not be employed for the making up or breaking up of military trains. The railroad yards of Rome will not be made a depot for military trains. For all purposes of military transportation, the railway system in and around the zone affected by the declaration of Rome as an open city will be put into the status of a simple line of passage.
All necessary steps are being taken to effect the transfer beyond the city limits of all military establishments, and of all factories used for the production of arms and munitions.

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