Hull Papers

Prime Minister Mackenzie King to the Secretary of State

most secret

Dear Mr. Secretary: I am sending you, herewith, a copy of our draft letter to the Delegate in Canada of the French Committee of National Liberation, about which I think I spoke to you yesterday. I have given a copy to Mr. Churchill and am sending one to the President.

Yours very sincerely,

W. L. Mackenzie King

Draft Note

most secret

Draft Note to the French Delegate in Ottawa

Sir, I have the honour to refer to your note of June 11th with which you transmitted the text of the Declaration adopted at Algiers on [Page 1109] June 3rd by which the French Committee of National Liberation was established.

[Here follows, with minor editorial differences and one difference in phrasing, the text of the Canadian statement on this subject released on August 26, 1943, post, p. 1171.]

Accept [etc.]